Aberdeen Federal Credit Union

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Don't Tax My Credit Union

Don't Tax My Credit Union


“Don’t Tax My Credit Union” is a national campaign dedicated to ensuring Congress doesn’t raise taxes on 96 million credit union members nationwide and preserves financial choice for American consumers.

Since the Federal Credit Union Act passed in 1934, credit unions have been serving in the best interest of their members / owners. We don’t exist to earn a return for stockholders or cater to special interest groups. Aberdeen Federal CU thrives “To Provide Pathways for Members to Achieve Financial Success” and helps make our region the best it can be.

As a credit union, Aberdeen Federal CU exists on a principle of ownership – which our members play a pivotal role in everything we do. We are a tax exempt organization, not because of the services we offer or because we can’t offer services that banks can, but simply because we are organized as a cooperative owned by all of us, the members. The way we are structured and the fulfillment of our core mission allows us to provide better service and better loan and savings rates to our members.

We realize that economic growth doesn’t start in Washington, Pierre, or city hall. It’s rooted in the small, local businesses that reinvest in their neighborhoods. Credit unions are staples of their community, giving back to local charities and community groups with financial support and volunteer hours.

As our nation’s economy struggles to grow, credit unions are continuously faced with challenges and road blocks. The actions of others in the financial services industry continue to threaten our ability to offer products and services of value to you. In 2012, the credit union industry engaged our lawmakers regarding a variety of important issues, including member business lending and regulatory restructuring. Our challenges have continued into 2013 as many lobbyists are pressuring for us to lose our tax exemption status. Your support is critical to ensuring our industry has a voice in Washington. We can do even more with the support of our Senators and Representative in Congress. Help us by sharing your story by either calling or writing to our representatives: Don’t Tax My Credit Union!

We are committed to you – after all, as a member, we are all owners!