Aberdeen Federal Credit Union


We Paid Members $1.1 Million in Patronage Bonuses

Patronage Bonuses

Aberdeen FCU has declared a Patronage Bonus for the year 2016.

Each eligible member received a refund of 1.75% of the interest paid during 2016. In addition, eligible members were rewarded 1.75% more on the dividends received in 2016. The Patronage Bonus was paid to members on the first Friday of the New Year 2017.

“The Aberdeen FCU team works hard every day serving our fellow members with well trained, personal service-oriented professionals that provide pathways for financial success,” said Robert J. Goscicki, President/CEO. “This commitment has allowed us for thirteen years to pay out $1.1 million of our earnings as Patronage Bonuses.”

This is the Aberdeen FCU difference!

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